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    1. Curriculum & Content Development
      1. Curriculum development integrating ethics, morality, and social responsibility.
      2. Curriculum for Enrichment programs, workshops
      3. Home-school support
      4. Analyzing faith-based School curriculums


    1. Learning Environment
      1. Developing an integrated learning environment
      2. Organizing workshops and Community study groups
      3. Hands-on training for professional development
      4. Recognizing individuals through Appreciation/Scholarship/Award Mechanism


    1. Youth Development
      1. College Preparation and career planning
      2. Learn and Fun — through competition
      3. Summer School
      4. Cyber Netizenship


    1. Research
      1. Integration of Scientific and faith-based research Methodologies
      2. Tech-Muse –Faith-based musings on technical issues
      3. Systems engineering perspectives of Natural Deen
      4. Publication and Dissemination of proceedings of workshops/seminars