Module 9: Putting it all together

Assalamu alaikum. Please download the following files and follow the instructions provided in the class.

Baseline Program

CSS file

Javascript code


Module 8 Review

Here is the Review Questionnaire we have gone through during Module 8. Questions 9 through 30 don’t have the answer identified. If you have question on any of these please ask.


Module 6 html/Javascript code

Here is the html code we were working on. Right click and save as an html file.

module06 Code

Module 6 in class stuff

InshaAllah we will have a review of what we learned about html, css, and Javascript. In addition, we will develop a Javascript program for a small game.

Yes and No buttons


Module 5 code

Assalamu alaikum. Here are the html, CSS, and Javascript file that we have been working on in Module 5.

html file module5

css file mycss

Javascript file myFirstJS

Right-click on the file links and then select ‘save link as’. Then open them in Notepad++ and save as appropriate file (html with .html extension, css with .css extension, and Javascript with .js extension)

Module 4 Example

Here is the html/css example we did

myccpage html code

mycss css file

Welcome to Al Huda Computer Club

Assalamu alaikum.

Welcome to Computer and Cyber for College and Career.